Welcome to Upsurge 2018

We are so glad you are checking us out. On this site you’ll find a bunch of useful information about the week long event, what is happening and resources to equip you to sustain what you receive during this time. So scroll on down and enjoy!


What is it?

Upsurge conference is all about awakening our nation to what God is already doing and partnering with him in seeing his kingdom come.


Who’s behind it?

Hills church is hosting an amazing team from South America who are carrying revival. They have seen God moving in some powerful ways and can’t wait to share what they have received with other hungry believers.






Why “Upsurge Aotearoa”?

Definition: an upward surge in the strength or quantity of something; an increase OR a sudden and usually large increase in something.
This is a prophetic word for the event – we want to see an increase in the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit, an increase in salvation and encounters, an increase in the harvest. An activation/upsurge of what is within people – healings, evangelism, teaching.
This is the beginning of the suddenlies an increase in the prophetic and kingdom movement in our community, city and country.
Finally, many prophetic people in the country have had visions of a wave falling over New Zealand – a kingdom surge of people coming to know God. The surge really fits with that vision: “a rapid rise or swell or advance”.





 Whats on when?

Check out the timeline to see when things are happening, it’s going to be a big week so make sure you don’t miss out!

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